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Learning is one of the things that are eternal.

Degree Principal Message


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Learning is one of the things that are eternal. Learning happens not just in institutions. For him whose eyes are open, ears are sharp and mind is receptive, whole life is learning and the entire universe, a school. Learning is not just acquiring academic knowledge, diplomas and degrees but it is the entire transformation of a person – From diffident to confident, brash to polished, unskilled to skilled, ignorant to learned, tumultuous to calm, and a receiver from the society to a contributor to the mankind. Learning is growth and growth is life. An old quotation goes as – “We do not grow old when we stop growing we become old”. The forms of learning may change from face- to-face classes to correspondence education and from offline classes to online classes, the learning however will go on forever. Institutions merely enable formal learning so that the learning can be certified and the learner can use the process elsewhere. I am privileged to head this great institution of learning and enable learning in a humble way. If this institution can transform every student admitted into a total human being and convert a rough uncut diamond into a sparkling jewel, the mission of this institution, I consider is accomplished. Be with me.

With best wishes

- Dr.T.G Janardhan