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M. E. S. College of Arts Commerce and Science have two research centres

1. Post Graduate Department of Mathematics established in the year 1986 affiliated to Bangalore University, Bangalore and was upgraded to Research centre in Applied Mathematics in the year 2005 by Bangalore University, Bangalore. The same centre has got continuation of affiliation by Bengaluru City University, Bengaluru from 2018.

Guide:  Prof. Achala L. Nargund

2. Post Graduate Department of Kannada established in 2005 affiliated to Bangalore University, Bangalore and continued its affiliation to Bengaluru City University, Bengaluru has been recognised as Research Centre in 2018 from Bengaluru City University, Bengaluru.

Guide: Prof. G. Ramakrishna

Research Guides for other Universities.



Name of Faculty





Prof. Achala L. Nargund

P. G. Maths

Christ University, Bengaluru.

Reva University, Bengaluru




Dr. Ramakrishnaiah

P. G. Kannada

Bengaluru City University, Bengaluru.



Dr. Puttaswamy

U. G. Kannada

Hampi Kannada University, Hampi



Dr. Lokeshwarappa

U. G. Kannada

Bangalore University



Dr. Ramanjaneya


Hampi Kannada University, Hampi

2017 onwards


Dr. R. V. Sheela


Dravidian University, Kuppam.

Reva University, Bengaluru.




Dr. Vanishri G

UG Kannada

National Institute of Vedic Sciences affiliated to Yoga Samskrutam University Florida USA

2015- onwards



S.No. Name of Student Name of Guide Thesis Title / Work Progress
   1    Mrs. Bhavya. B. S

    Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

   Travelling wave solutions of coupled nonlinear differential equations

    Awarded in 2013


   Mr. Sathyanarayana. S. B

   FIP Candidate

    Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

    Some analytical and numerical solutions of boundary layer equations for simple flows

    Awarded in 2014

   3    Mr. Shreenivas. R. Kirsur     Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Exact and semi analytical solutions of BVP arising in boundary layer theory

Awarded in 2015

4 Miss. Madhavi Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Studies on integral equations and their applications to direct and inverse problems

Awarded in 2017

5 Miss. Sumana. R. Shesha Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Wavelets and their applications to flow problems

Awarded in 2018

6 Miss. Asha. C. S Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Some ferrofluid flow problems and their solutions

Awarded in 2018

7 Mr. Madhusudhan. R Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Homotopy analysis method applied to flow problems

Awarded in 2018

8 Mrs. Suguna. M. S Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Registered in 2019

Attending Course work

9 Miss. Laxmi. B. N Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Registered in 2019

Attending Course work

10 Mrs. Rekaha. K Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Registered in 2019

Attending Course work

11 Mrs. Meghashree. G. R Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Registered in 2019

Attending Course work

12 Miss Ayesha Banu W Dr. Achala. L. Nargund

Registered in 2019

Attending Course work

Faculty Publications Title

Faculty Publications Content


Research Cells

The college has constituted Research Cell for the advancement of research activities of faculty and for the development of  an ecosystem to interconnect and interact with learned community for innovations. It has developed an initiative called Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC) as part of college Research Cell (RC) for creation and transfer of knowledge. DAC is constituted department wise with members are all faculty of that department with an external advisor who is competent enough to guide faculty for carrying out interdisciplinary research. 
The college has two research centres one in Mathematics and the other in Kannada.  It is mandatory to have a research advisory committee for research centres to regulate research activities. Research Centre in Mathematics has got funding continuously from DST, UGC, VGST, KSTA and Science Academies for major, minor research projects and lecture series. This centre has been recognised as Centre for Innovative Science Education by Government of Karnataka, Bengaluru.
To extend research activities to all other departments M. E. S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science has constituted a Research Cell (RC).  
The following are the aims and objectives of Research Cell. 

Aims and Objectives:
⦁    To recognise the thrust area of research.
⦁    To train teachers about writing research papers and proposals for research projects to funding agencies like UGC, CSIR, DST and NBHM, KSST and Social women and welfare association.
⦁    To encourage student participation in research activities.
⦁    To publish papers and articles in reputed journals.
⦁    To train students and staff on latest software used in research activities.
⦁    To encourage faculty to host and attend seminars, workshops and conferences on recent developments in research.

Constitution of Committee:
It consists of external advisors from reputed institutes.  As per the advice of external committee members every department has constituted  Department Advisory Committee (DAC) by inviting an external advisor who has vast knowledge of research and good academic record from reputed institutes.


Functions of Committee:

  • Committee will review academic and research activities of the department and guide them how to enhance research capacities of faculty involving students.

  • Research Committee will guide faculties to identify advanced research areas and help them to write projects for funding agencies. The activities of this committee will be monitored by IQAC.

Expected Outcomes:
Generation of research funding. Establishing of standard collaborative research. Good applicable outcome in terms of Publication. Involving students in research and cultivating research culture at undergraduate level.


Knowledge Sharing Activities:
The college has taken an initiative to popularise and explain the Nobel Prize winning topics to common people by arranging talks on respective subjects every year as soon as Nobel prizes are announced.  We also arrange talks on the topics of Field Medal conferred to Mathematicians.


Funded Projects

Details of Funds Received by P. G. Department of Mathematics:


Major/Minor Seminar

Funding Agency


Amount Sanctioned

(INR in Lakhs)

Amount Released Year Status



  8.00 8.00 2008-2011 Completed



  14.00 14.00 2011-2014 Completed



  30.00 30.00 2012-2015 Ongoing



   Wavelet Theory and their Application to Differential Equations 1.40 0.95 2014-2016 Completed



Analytical Solutions for Infinitely Nonlinear Differential Equations 2.00 1.5 2013-2015 Completed



Solutions of Linear and Nonlinear Differential Polynomials abd Difference Equations Using Nevanlinna Theory 2.00 1.5 2013-2015 Completed
7 Major Integral Equations and their Application to Scattering Theory 14 14 2011-2014 Completed
8 Conference/Workshop Frontiers in Applied Mathematics 1.25 1.10 2012 Completed
9 Academy Workshop Essence of PDE 1.02 1.02 2017-2018 Completed



Wavelet Theory and its Applications 43.98 -- 2019-2020 Ongoing
11 Academy Workshop Linear Algebra and Topology 1.225 1.255 2018 Completed
12 Academy Workshop Mathematical Analysis and Applications 0.855      

Research Collaborations

  1. Prof. Achala L. Nargund and Ms. Sumana R. Shesha have signed a Research Collaboration with Prof. Prasanta Chatterjee, Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics, Visva Bharati Central University, West Bengal, for two years 2017-2019.
  2. Prof. Achala L. Nargund and Dr. Sumana Krishna Prasad have signed a Research Collaboration with Dr. Vishnu Narayan Mishra, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, Madhya Pradesh, for two years 2018-2020.
  3. Prof. Achala L. Nargund and Dr. Asha C. S. have signed a Research Collaboration with Dr. Shilpa N., Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, School of Engineering, Presidency University, Bengaluru, for two years 2019-2021.
  4. Prof. Achala L. Nargund and Dr. Sumana Krishna Prasad have signed a Research Collaboration with Dr. Shreenivas R. Kirsur, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, for two years 2019

Interaction with Eminent Scientists







Bulletin of Applied Sciences

  • Many faculty members of M. E. S. College of Arts, Commerce and Science are involved in advanced studies and research. 
  • Many faculty guide interested Undergraduate students to do small research projects.
  • Post Graduate department of Mathematics students have project work in their final semester and all students put in lot of effort to do good projects.
  •  These projects are very good and need to be published. To bring these projects on print we came out with an idea to bring out this Journal.
  • A major section of the journal is dedicated to the publication of original research articles.
  • One part of Bulletin is set apart for students research articles to encourage and bring out research aptitude and creativity of students.
  • Bulletin publishes  review articles, short communications, and research articles.