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  • MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science applied for RUSA in the year June 2019.


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Activities and Initiatives

Activities and Initiatives
  • The Internal Quality Assurance Cell(IQAC) of the college was established in the year 2005 as per NAAC guidelines. with the objective of ushering in quality culture in the institution and providing the necessary environment to sustain the same. Its composition and activities are in accordance with NAAC guidelines.The IQAC has been working as a nodal centre to set quality benchmarks,establish processes and help in the implementation of the same in the areas of academics and administration.It is constantly working to achieve incremental growth in all areas and monitor the sustenance of innovative and best practices.
  • Since the establishment of IQAC in our institution with a view to decentralize and have participative approach several committees/cells have been formed to plan and execute programs of academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The IQAC interacts with all the committees and stake holders to raise the bar in all the activities conducted by the college. The following are the key ares of its Activities
  • 1. Ensure the delivery of the services outlined in the quality manual of the college.
  • 2. Coordinate all the activities of the college in consultation with the GB,HOI, Vice Principal,faculty staff and students through the various committees and cells.
  • 3. Endeavour to be sensitive to the changing needs of the students and orient the faculty towards the need to be updated as well as adopt innovative methods of pedagogy and relevant technology in transacting the curriculum, teaching, learning and valuation.
  • 4. The IQAC plans and coordinates activities such as preparing the calender of events, organizing student induction programs, conducting surveys, collecting feedback from various stake holders and analyzing the same.
  • 5. It holds workshops and training session for teaching and non teaching staff leading to quality improvement, identify gaps in infrastructure(through the infrastructure committee)and communicating the same to the HOI for further action.
  • 6. Prepare and submit AQAR.
  • 7. Coordinate the preparation for the next cycle of NAAC accreditation.
  • 8. Prepare action plans and SWOC analysis of the institution based n the SWOCs of the various departments.
  • Initiatives
  • 1. IQAC helps the academic committee in preparing the college Prospectus.
  • 2. Conduct of gap-analysis.
  • 3. Help the departments in preparing Laboratory manual.
  • 4. Plan and execute Academic and Administrative audit(A&A).
  • 5. Coordinating the Pre-Admission counselling to help students choose the right course and combination at the time of admission- A best practice which is unique to our college that has evolved over the years in which had a major role to play.
  • 6. Preparation of the Quality Manual.
  • 7. Mentorship program.
  • 8. Evolving guidelines to assign marks for internal assessment for subjects and extracurricular activities.
  • 9. Preparation of guidelines for ADD-on Courses.
  • 10. Conduct of student satisfaction survey.
  • 11. Conduct of workshop on New NAAC Accreditation process.
  • 12. Conduction of orientation program for faculty and staff on student Induction program

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