Our Milestone


The college has grown slowly but steadily over the years. Some landmarks in its evolutionary expansion are:


Year Details
1958 Started aided Degree course with Arts & Commerce combinations with existing Pre- University as composite College.
1969 Introduced PCM & CBZ combinations at Degree Level
1969 Started evening section in the Degree College
1970 Started the Honours course in Sanskrit ,History and Sociology
1974 Government abolished all Honours courses in affiliated colleges
1974 Bangalore University alloted PG courses in History & Sanskrit to MES Degree college.Evening section with staff drawn from the college and Bangalore University
1977 Bangalore University transferred PG Courses to Central College
1977 Started Job Oriented Courses in Banking ,Material Management & Laboratory Technician
1980 Started Samskruta Vidhya Mandira for Prathama,Kavya & Sahitya levels of training
1985 Started PG course in Mathematics at Degree College
1985 Evening section closed voluntarily
1995 Started Kalavedi to promote performing Arts among students and also to reach it to the wider community as a social responsibility
2000 Composite MES college bifurcated into : a) Independent aided MES PU College b) Independent aided MES Degree College
2004 MES ACS College Accredited by NAAC(1st Cycle) with 'B' Grade(9- point scale)
2005 PG Mathematics became a recognised Research Center of Bangalore University in Applied Mathematics
2005 Started PG course in Kannada
2009 MES ACS College Accredited by NAAC(2nd Cycle) with 'B' grade (CGPA 2.87) on a 4-point scale
2015 PG Kannada became a recognised Research Center
2016 MES ACS College Accredited by NAAC(3rd Cycle) with 'A' Grade(CGPA 3.21) on a 4- point scale
2018 Celebrated Diamond Jubilee
2021 Implementation of NEP
2022 MES ACS College Accredited by NAAC(4th Cycle) with 'A' Grade(CGPA 3.07) on a 4- point scale